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Liupanshui Normal College is located in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province, which is known as the "Cool capital of China". It is a full-time general undergraduate college which is "jointly built by provinces and cities and mainly based on cities"。In 2009, it was upgraded from Liupanshui Normal College to Liupanshui Normal College,In 2013, he obtained the qualification of bachelor's degree granting institution,In 2015, it was listed as a pilot university for application-oriented transformation and development in Guizhou Province,Passed the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education in 2016,Was included in Guizhou Province "13th Five-Year" new master's degree awarding project construction unit;In 2017, he joined the National Alliance of Applied Technology Universities (colleges)。At present, it jointly trains master students with Liaoning Normal University, Guizhou Normal University, Dalian University and other universities。

The school covers an area of 1310 mu, with a building area of nearly 39.550,000 square meters, integrated with Minghu National Wetland Park, known as "the most beautiful university in Guizhou"。In 2014, it was awarded the province's "Safe and civilized Campus", and in 2017, it was awarded the "Province's civilized Campus".。Total value of teaching and scientific research equipment 1.It has 3.4 billion yuan, more than 1.84 million books of various kinds, and 935 faculty and staff members, including 95 professors, 257 associate professors, 104 doctors, 467 masters, and 110 "dual teachers and dual abilities" teachers。Enjoy the special allowance of The State Council expert 1, the provincial government special allowance expert 1, the provincial core expert 1, Baosteel excellent teacher 1, municipal management experts 72。

The university has faculties of Literature and Journalism, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Electrical Engineering, Biological Science and Technology, Marxism, Foreign Languages, Chemistry and Materials Engineering, Mining and Mechanical Engineering, Educational Science (School of Teacher Education), Computer Science, Physical Education, Economics and Management (School of Tourism), Art.There are 16 secondary schools, including the School of Soil and Planning, the School of Continuing Education, and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship,44 undergraduate programs,It involves 10 disciplines such as engineering, pedagogy and science,Some specialties enroll students in broad categories。The school enrolls international students from more than 10 countries, including Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia。There are 10,431 full-time students in the school, and more than 4,211 adult education students。

In recent years, it has undertaken 108 national and provincial education and teaching reform projects, won 10 provincial education and teaching achievement awards, won 1 key construction (cultivation) major in the first phase of provincial first-class university, 9 provincial first-class undergraduate major construction points, and obtained 41 provincial first-class courses。There are 1 first-class construction and cultivation discipline in the provincial region, and 7 key disciplines with provincial characteristics, key disciplines and key support disciplines。There is one Key Laboratory for Clean Utilization of Coal in Guizhou Province,There are 2 demonstration bases of humanities and social sciences, such as "Casting Strong Chinese Nation Community Research Base" and "China Liangdu Cultural Research and Innovation Center",Provincial mass creation space 1,Provincial university science park 1,There are 5 characteristic key laboratories in Guizhou Province, such as "Resource utilization of coal measures solid waste", "Coal mine gas prevention and control" and "kiwifruit resource development and utilization",1 "2011 Collaborative Center for Green Coal Development in Guizhou Province",There are 3 engineering centers in Guizhou Province, such as "Mine pressure and rock formation control", "Mining equipment digital technology", and Roxburghii fermentation engineering technology,There are 18 municipal key laboratories such as "Research on high-yield and high-quality cultivation technology of Roxanthus Roxanthus in Liupanshui", "Efficient and Clean Utilization of complex mineral Resources in Liupanshui", "Clean Energy and Green Chemical Industry in Liupanshui",2 municipal innovation centers such as "Carbon peak, carbon neutrality",Liupanshui membrane separation engineering technology center 1。There are 5 provincial science and technology innovation talent teams such as "Research Team of Tourism Industrialization in resource-based cities", "Scientific and technological innovation talent team of Visualization intelligent detection of roadway roof in Guizhou Province", and 8 departmental innovation teams such as "clean coal processing and transformation and utilization" and "unconventional natural gas geological evaluation and development"。There are 8 municipal scientific and technological innovation talent teams such as "High efficiency and energy saving technology of coal chemical industry in Liupanshui sub-Plateau area" and "Intelligent diagnosis of major key equipment failures in coal mines under big data"。Since its promotion, it has undertaken more than 2060 scientific research projects at all levels, including 22 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 10 National Social Science Foundation projects, 274 provincial and ministerial level projects, and 29 provincial and ministerial level scientific research achievements awards。There is one National intellectual property information public service network,There are 13 academic research institutions such as Guizhou Carbon Neutral High Technology Research Institute,196 industry-university-research cooperation bases and practice training bases,It is the provincial teacher development center of Guizhou Province, the provincial continuing education base for professional and technical personnel, and the provincial research and training base for intangible cultural heritage inheritors。

The school insists on being "demand-oriented,Student-centered,Quality as the fundamental "school philosophy,Uphold "thick virtue and erudite,The school motto "Seek true behavior.,Establish "hard work",The school-running spirit of ceaseless self-improvement,Advocate "unity and hard work",Innovation beyond "school spirit," diligent study,Moral tree people "teaching wind," diligent learning good thinking.,Healthy and strong "style of study,More than 30,000 professionals at all levels have been trained for the society。In the national "two red" and "Two excellent" selection, two student members of our school in 2018 and 2021 were awarded the honorary title of National Excellent Communist Youth League member by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and one league branch in 2019 was awarded the honorary title of the National May Fourth Red Flag League Branch。In various national college student competitions, it has won 230 national awards, 580 provincial and ministerial awards, and 8 authorized patents。In 2013, won the "13th Challenge Cup" National College students extracurricular academic Science and technology works competition second prize;In 2018, he won 1 silver award and 1 Bronze award each in the Entrepreneurship Plan Competition of "Chuangyouth" National College Students Entrepreneurship Competition;In 2021, won the 17th "Challenge Cup" National College Students Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology works competition "Black Science and Technology" special competition star (second prize) works,Satellite level (third prize) works 1。In 2019, 2020 and 2021, he won one bronze Award in the China International "Internet Plus" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition。Vigorously strengthen the construction of campus culture,The construction of "Qin" character step ladder, all kinds of landscape stones, "Chinese soul", "Road of Science and technology" cultural relief wall, "Long March · Seven Rules" cultural relief wall, seal Garden, Confucius statue, Wang Yangming statue, Party history education base and other cultural positions;The faculty house, Liangdu Artisan Factory and staff library will be built。2013年12月,Awarded by the Science and Technology Department of Guizhou Science and Technology Association as "Guizhou Science Popularization and Education Base";In 2016, the School History Museum was awarded the title of "Excellent Campus Culture Education Base" by the Guizhou Provincial Education and Work Committee of the Provincial Party Committee;In 2018 and 2021, it was awarded as the national outstanding unit of the national college and secondary school students' summer "three rural" social practice;In 2018, it was named the national excellent news and publicity unit,Won the university excellent communication award;In August 2019,Won the excellent grade in the Ideological and Political Work Inspection of General Universities in Guizhou Province in 2018;December 2019,Won the "Top 50 Undergraduate University Brand Influence" award in 2019;In 2020, it won the National Innovation Award for High Recruitment Service (undergraduate) and the National Brand Influence Award for Colleges and Universities;In November 2020, it was awarded the title of "Advanced Collective of Liupanshui to create a National Civilized City" by Liupanshui Municipal Committee and Government。

Standing at a new historical starting point,The school will adhere to transformation and development as the main line,Take connotation development as the core,Take reform and innovation as the driving force,Vigorously implement the four strategies of "quality school, talent strong school, characteristic school, open living school",We conscientiously perform the five functions of personnel training, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation,Efforts will be made to train teachers, engineers and other application-oriented personnel,Construct a multi-disciplinary pattern,We will make unremitting efforts to build a regional high-level applied university with distinctive characteristics and some disciplines and specialties have greater influence in similar colleges and universities。(Data updated to end of June 2023)