Our school held the first "Rule of Law Cup" speech contest


Carry forward the spirit of rule of law and build a society governed by law。On the evening of October 24, the first "Rule of Law Cup" speech contest of our school was held in the Academic Exchange Center。Yang Yonggui, member of the Party Committee of the school and Minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, He Tianxu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Marxist College, Wu Youqin, president and CAI Juan, deputy secretary of the Party Committee attended the competition。

The competition was judged by Zhang Jin, deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee of the University; Deng Wei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Education Science; CAI Xiaoxiong, deputy secretary of the School of Foreign Languages; Zhou Xiaotao, Professor of the School of Marxism; Yang Jin, Doctor of the School of Marxism; Deng Yongwei, deputy minister of the Propaganda Department of the School of Youth League Committee; Yan Shiping, teacher of the School of Economics and Management (School of Tourism)。

After two rounds of fierce competition, a total of 14 players stood out and entered the final。During the competition, the contestants closely followed the theme of "promoting the spirit of rule of law, Building the Great Chinese Dream together", cut in from different dimensions, combined with Internet hot spots and cases around them, and expressed their views and opinions in vivid and vivid language。

With the title of "Rumors Stop at the Wise, Purify the Internet Space", contestant Jin Xinghuang called on the students to learn to distinguish between true and false information in the face of relevant national legal knowledge and network hot spots, so as not to spread rumors, not to believe in rumors, and not to spread rumors。Jin Xinghuang's passionate speech won bursts of applause from the audience。"Do not be cruel abusers, nor do you look on coldly。Zhao Jingyi, the No. 3 player, took the movie "Sadness into a River" as an example,Entitled "Enhancing Legal Awareness","Say No to Bullying" speech,Her sincere emotion and well-timed presentation skills blend the mood of the speech with the atmosphere of the scene,Let the audience experience the importance of refusing bullying in school。

Yang Jin made comments, he fully affirmed the wonderful performance of the contestants。He said that the contestants have a profound knowledge reserve, logical, and vividly expounded their views and opinions with their own methods and skills. The language is rich and infectious, and it has well carried forward the spirit of rule of law。"The cocoon is not round round, but the plain silk is borer in the basket;If a man does not learn, his intellect is rotten in his heart。Yang Jin hopes that the students will unswervingly carry forward the spirit of rule of law in their future lives and be law-abiding Chinese youth。

"I was impressed by the speech of No. 6 player Su Yuting。Nowadays, Internet violence is emerging in an endless stream, which greatly affects the creation of a healthy Internet environment. Every citizen should consciously abide by Internet security laws and regulations, not be a "network keyboard man", and maintain a clean Internet atmosphere。Shi Ying, a student from Class 2022 (1) of Chinese Language and Literature, School of Literature and Journalism, said。

After a tense competition, the final Marxist college Jin Xinghuang with 96.He Dan from the School of Biological Science and Technology and Su Yuting from the School of Art won the first prize with 69 points, respectively.38分、95.Guo Jindan from the School of Education Science, Xue Chaojun from the School of Mathematics and Statistics and Tian Tian from the School of Civil Engineering and Planning won the second prize with 33 points respectively.06分、94.60分、94.20 points tied for third prize。(Contributed/Edited and proofread by He Haiyan/Reviewed by Wang Lianghao/Zhang Jin and Chen Ting)

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