Our school will hold a report on the creation of "Liangdu Artisan Farm" in 2023


20231023On the afternoon of Sunday, our school organized and carried out2023"Liangdu Artisan Factory" creation work acceptance, through the field investigation of geography science popularization and education craftsman workshop, tea culture science and promotion craftsman workshop, tourism industrialization talent cultivation craftsman workshop, regional economic research craftsman workshop and other craftsman workshop creation situation, held in the Hanxuelou School of Economics and Management (Tourism School) conference room。School party committee member, vice president Ai Dechun attended the meeting, by the relevant departments of the school, college experts composed of the review group, School of Economics and Management (School of Tourism) Party secretary Guan Di, vice president Wang Jinfeng, "Jingwei Cultural Travel" artisan field executive director Zhang Cheng, heads of departments, chairmen of secondary trade unions attended the meeting。The report was chaired by Gu Dianyu, chairman of the school trade union。

会上,Gu Dianyu2023"Liangdu Artisan Factory" declaration, creation of work descriptionWang Jinfeng made a report on the creation of the work, the expert group to create a standard, combined with on-site research, listening to reports, access to information masteredCarried out评议。

Ai Dechun actively responds to the administrative decision-making and deployment requirements of the superior trade union and the school Party committee of the school of Economics and Management (School of Tourism), strengthens the core position of innovation on the basis of teaching, scientific research and talent training results, carefully organizes and scientifically designs, carefully compares standards, and steadily advancesThe creation of "Liangdu Artisan Farm" was affirmed。Ai Dechun thinks,"Jingwei Cultural Travel" artisan factory has a sound organization, clear work goals and advanced innovation concepts,Activity venue, funding guarantee,Sound system and standardized management,The skills and quality improvement and innovation of teaching staff should be carried out extensively,Service teaching, personnel training, local economic and social development,It plays the role of the artisan farm in cultivating artisan talents and promoting the spirit of artisans,Economic and social benefits are more prominent。Through the review, it meets the creation concept of "Liangdu Artisan Farm" and meets the creation standard requirements of "Liangdu Artisan Farm"。

Adechun further established the schoolThe "Liangdu Artisan Factory", the model worker innovation studio, the pioneer of workers and other work put forward three requirements。First, we should further enhance our understanding and attach great importance to it。We should focus on grasping the new development stage, implementing the new development concept, building a new development pattern, and promoting high-quality development,Focus on the Four Modernizations Based on the "Four new",Vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, labor spirit, craftsman spirit and the spirit of Guizhou in the new era,Fully stimulate the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the staff,Be a good master and contribute to the new era,We will promote the high-quality development of schools and local undertakings。Second, we should further do a good job in creating work。The trade union should further strengthen investigation and research, communication and coordination, strive to build a platform, and jointly promote the establishment of relevant work with various colleges。Third, we must standardize our work。In promoting the creation, strengthening the management and use of funds, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant regulations and procedures, and there shall be no violations of discipline and law。(供稿/Li Ailing Edit proofreading/ Reviewed by Enliang Zhu/Dianyu Gu)

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