Our school held 2023 honorary retirement ceremony and "Double Ninth Festival" symposium


Mo Sangyu late, for the clouds are still full of sky。In order to carry forward the fine traditions of the Chinese nation and do a solid job of caring for retired cadres, on October 23, our school held the 2023 honorary retirement ceremony and the "Double Ninth Festival" discussion meeting in the round hall on the fourth floor of the Academic Exchange Center。School Party secretary Zhou Sibi, President He Lin, Party committee member, vice president Cheng Xuquan, Organization Department, retired work office, school trade union and other departments in charge, retired staff representatives attended the symposium。The meeting was chaired by Cheng Xuquan。

At the meeting, Cheng Xuquan read the list of 2023 honorary retirees, Zhou Sibi presented flowers for retired comrades, and expressed sincere greetings and high respect to all retired old teachers on behalf of the whole school。

He Lin introduced the basic situation and development plan of the university from the aspects of talent training, school-running characteristics, discipline construction, campus construction, scientific research achievements, and system reform, and kindly expressed his concern and sympathy to everyone。He Lin said that the retired teachers are the founders, witnesses and contributors of the development of the school, and have made important contributions to the school。"Old steed, ambition", hope that old comrades as always care about and support the work of the school, often come back to see, for the development of the school, to promote the high quality development of the school。

Zhou Sibi pointed out that retired teachers are valuable assets of the school, and the achievements of the school's various work have benefited from the good foundation laid by old teachers and comrades, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the retired teachers。Zhou Sibi responded to everyone's concerns and said that under the leadership of the school Party Committee, he would actively promote the establishment of the retirement office and carry out activities in various forms to create good conditions for the work and life of retired teachers。Zhou Sibi suggested that retired teachers should adjust a good attitude, regular work and rest, proper exercise and reasonable diet, and hoped that retired teachers could continue to exert their surplus energy and put forward valuable suggestions and specific suggestions for the high-quality development of schools and the reform and innovation of education and teaching。

The atmosphere at the ceremony was warm and full of warmth. The participating teachers watched the school's promotional video together, reviewed the years of struggle, and talked about the development of the school。Fei Renying, the representative of the retired teachers, thanked the school for its care and careful organization of the Chongyang Festival, and said that he would not retire from his post and would like to continue to contribute to the development of the school。

After the meeting, the school also distributed materials for retired teachers, and organized retired teachers to visit the campus freely and carry out leisure activities in the faculty and staff homes。(Contribution/College student Reporter Wang Xingru tu/College Student reporter Zhao Chai Li Yaolan edited and proofread/Wang Lianghao reviewed/Zhang Jin Chen Ting)

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