Our school carried out a series of language and culture brand activities of "One language, One Heart, Rural Revitalization"


为贯彻落实习近平总书记关于教育的重要论述和关于语言文字工作的重要指示批示精神,We will intensify efforts to promote standard spoken and written Chinese,Improve popularity and quality,We will consolidate our achievements in poverty alleviation,Support the rural revitalization strategy,To cast a strong sense of community for the Chinese nation,Contribute to building a great modern socialist country。Organized by the Academic Affairs Office of our University on October 19, 2023,National Putonghua tester Liu Fuhua (retired teacher of our school) is invited,Secretary of the Party Committee of New College,Associate professor),And provincial science and technology special commissioner Professor Zhou Qingping line to Liuzhi Special Zone Xinchang Township, Longhe town to carry out "the same language concentric rural revitalization" language and culture brand series activities,Boost rural revitalization。The main contents of the activity include the theme of "Speak Mandarin, write standard characters", the special training of Mandarin proficiency test, and the declaration and implementation of teaching and research projects。

Before the event began, Liao Wen, deputy Director of the Academic Affairs Office, gave a speech on the importance of "speaking Mandarin and writing standard characters" and encouraged everyone to speak more Mandarin and speak good Mandarin。

Preaching helps to promote Mandarin。In the "Speak Putonghua, write standard characters" theme lecture, the national Putonghua tester teacher Liu Fuhua respectively in the Liuzhi Special Zone Xinchang Township and Longhe town targeted to carry out concentrated propaganda, the current national "speak Putonghua, write standard characters" related policies to preach, in order to point and face to promote Mandarin。

Training helps improve Mandarin。In the special training of Putonghua ability test, teacher Liu Fuhua introduced the process, rules and question types of Putonghua level test, so that the trainers have a clearer understanding of Putonghua test, and lay a solid foundation for participating in the test in the future。At the same time, it also corrects the common mistakes and defects of Mandarin consonants, vowels, tones, etc., and first leads everyone to practice, constantly emphasizing that good Mandarin is not only a problem of speaking, but also a problem of listening。Under the leadership of Teacher Liu, the training atmosphere is active, teachers and students actively participate, and collectively follow Teacher Liu's listening and reading training, constantly distinguish whether the pronunciation is right or not, constantly correct, and the level of Mandarin has been greatly improved。

Application of teaching and research projects to help rural revitalization。In the teaching research project declaration and implementation training,Retired teacher Zhou Qingping of Liupanshui Normal College (professor of Biological Science and Technology College, provincial special commissioner of science and technology) to the on-site teachers how to choose the topic of teaching research,How to declare,How to implement and explain in detail,And pass on their own experience to the field personnel,It provides the direction and method for the teachers to choose the topic and research。After the training, Kuang Qiyu, Director of the Teaching and Research Section of the Academic Affairs Office, exchanged views with the training personnel on the spot and issued an invitation hoping that the two sides can jointly carry out teaching and research and cooperation, constantly improve the ability of education and teaching and research, and help rural revitalization。

Finally, Chen Yefang, member of the Party Committee and chairman of the National People's Congress of Longhe Town, Liuzhi Special Zone, made a summary speech on the event。It is emphasized that Liupanshui Normal College's "One language, One heart, Rural Revitalization" language and culture brand series activities will contribute to the rural revitalization and education development of Longhe Town,It has very important guiding significance,We hope that after returning to the classroom, we can actively carry out the work of "pushing Pu" and teaching research activities,To promote the high-quality development of education in Longhe Town,To better serve the people,Boost rural revitalization。

This activity gives full play to the school's own advantages,Combined with the actual situation of the six branches special Zone,In response to the unbalanced and inadequate popularization of the national standard spoken and written languages,Adhere to the new era of "focus on the key, comprehensive popularization, consolidation and improvement" policy,Focus on key groups,Combine the promotion work with the specific content,Make full use of the "One language, One heart, Rural Revitalization" language and culture brand series activities,We will implement the work of popularizing the masses,Good response。(Contributed/Edited by Li Ziwen/Reviewed by Tian Hongbing/Zhang Long)

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