The School of Educational Sciences conducts mid-term inspection of educational practice for primary education majors


On the afternoon of October 17th,Tian Hongbing, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Department of Liupanshui Normal University, and He Chao, director of the laboratory construction and Practice teaching Management Section,Zhao Bimei, Dean of the School of Education Science, Deng Wei, deputy secretary, and Li Haijun, head of the Teaching and Research Section, went to the Second Experimental Primary School in Zhongshan District of Liupanshui City to conduct a mid-term inspection of primary education practice。Party branch Secretary (principal) Kang Jing, Party branch deputy secretary Wang Yi E, moral education vice president Chen Hongdan, educational director Tang Jiawei, instructors and 6 interns attended the meeting。

Tang Jiawei introduced the effect and experience of educational practice from the aspects of internship and perception, teaching and management, professional growth, class management, teacher ethics cultivation, and said that joint training should be further strengthened。Yuan Qihong, the intern representative, based on her own work content and internship experience, talked about her internship experience and experience in more than one month, expressed her gratitude to the guidance teachers for their care and care, and indicated that she would learn more and ask more questions with a humble heart and actively continue to learn from all excellent teachers。实习指导教师们对实习生谦虚好学的态度予以肯定,并对人才培养方案中书写技能实践课程提出建议。

He Chao made a detailed introduction to the off-campus teachers from the aspects of the goal, content and evaluation of the education practice of normal university students, and put forward suggestions for the development of practical work from three aspects: education administration, universities and practice schools。For talent training, Tian Hongbing said that training teachers is a whole education problem, is a system problem。I hope to establish a good cooperative relationship with the school and jointly train excellent teachers in the future。

Finally, Zhao Bimei stressed the importance of educational practice and expressed her sincere thanks to the hard work of the school and the instructor。At the same time, it puts forward a series of cooperation models for school-school cooperation, and puts forward requirements for interns to abide by the system, seek advice humbly, learn actively, observe attentively, and be good at imitating。

The mid-term inspection of the internship strengthened the communication between the college and the internship school, further clarified the work content of the instructor, and enhanced the initiative of the intern。It provides a reference for strengthening the management of education practice and improving the quality of education practice, and is more conducive to the long-term cooperation and development between colleges and universities。(Contribution/Edited by Zhang Xiaoxia and Yuan Yihong/Reviewed by Yang Yang/Deng Wei)

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