The School of Civil Engineering and Planning received a letter of thanks and a love card from Liupanshui Special Education School


On October 14, 2023, Liupanshui Special School sent a letter of thanks and a love card to the Civil Engineering and Planning College of Liupanshui Normal College。Since 2022, Duan Lei, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and dean of the College of Civil Engineering and Planning, has led teachers and students to conduct art professional guidance for deaf children in the senior high school of Liupanshui Special Education School。Students majoring in fine arts in the third year of high school achieved a breakthrough in the national college single entrance examination, helping Luo Yuzhu and other 5 candidates to enter the university。

All the teachers of the School of Civil Engineering and Planning express their sincere congratulations to the senior three students of Liupanshui Special Education School for their excellent achievements, and thank the Special Education School of Liupanshui for their recognition。(Contributed/Edited by Nie Ying/Reviewed by Liu Haitao/Tao Yong)

 Award group photo