College of Civil Engineering and Planning of our university and Liupanshui City Planning and Design Research Institute Co., LTD


On the morning of October 19, Tao Yong, Secretary of the Party Committee of Civil Engineering and Planning College of Liupanshui Normal University, Xiao Bo, deputy dean and Zhang Ke of the Party Administration Office went to Liupanshui City Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. to participate in the party building leading school worker cooperation seminar。Liupanshui City Planning and Design Institute President Li Xingwen, structural chief engineer Yang Sheng, deputy manager of the company's board of directors Lin Xuehai, Zhang Dayao, director of the Party and government office LAN Min participated in the symposium and sought strategic cooperation。

At the meeting, the two sides reached a new mechanism for the joint training of talents under the guidance of the Party building "school-worker cooperation", and implemented specific start-up and promotion measures on cooperative matters such as the introduction of flexible teachers, teacher training, student internship, student graduation design, and project cooperation, so as to jointly provide high-level intellectual support for local development。(Contributed/Edited by Liu Fang/Reviewed by Xiao Bo/Tao Yong)

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