Our school held a quality monitoring system construction project report interpretation meeting


On the morning of October 20th,Our school held a quality monitoring system construction project report interpretation meeting in the Zhixing lecture hall,President He Lin and Vice President Fei Hong attended the meeting,More than 120 people from relevant departments, the main person in charge of each secondary college, the person in charge of the Student Section (league committee), the person in charge of the teaching and research section, the director of the teaching department and related personnel attended the meeting。The meeting was presided over by Tang Zhimei, director of the Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Department。

Ma Yan, vice president of Mycos Research Institute, was invited to interpret the indicators and data in the 2022 quality monitoring system construction project report of our school。Vice President Ma Yan combined with a new round of audit evaluation index connotation,From the training goal achievement degree, social demand adaptability, teacher/condition guarantee degree, quality assurance effectiveness, student/employer satisfaction degree and other "five degrees",The quality monitoring data report of our school is interpreted in detail with detailed data and charts,The data are analyzed comprehensively from the three levels of school, college and major,Points out the "five degrees" respectively worthy of attention,And in the interactive communication link, how to improve student participation and other issues are given some suggestions,Help relevant personnel to identify priorities。

Finally, Vice President Fei Hong made a concluding speech。She points out,The student participation reported in the quality monitoring system construction project of our school in 2022 has been significantly improved compared with before,It reflects the progress of students' work in relevant departments and colleges,At the same time, all departments and colleges are required to attach great importance to data analysis reports,Data-based, problem-oriented,Dig deep into the underlying problems reflected in the data,Propose solutions and specific measures,And the implementation of the whole process of personnel training and each link,Continue to improve the quality of personnel training。(Contributed/Edited by Liu Hongyang/Reviewed by Yang Zaichao/Tang Zhimei)

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