Keeping the beginning of education to bear the mission of educating people -- remember Zhang Tao, the model of teacher's ethics in Liupanshui Normal College


Carrying a bag full of dreams, she crossed more than 800 kilometers from a small city in Sichuan province to Liupanshui, Guizhou Province, and worked in Liupanshui Normal College for ten years。In the past ten years, her simple feelings of loving the school, the spirit of hard work, and the professional quality of being a teacher have influenced the majority of teachers and students。

Work hard and live happily

Zhang Tao, just as she mentioned the motto "work hard, live a happy life", she will put work in the first place and do a good job in the work. She is a good helper of leaders, a good partner of colleagues, and a good teacher of students;At the same time, as a mother, she will give her children strict and warm love。

Each stage has its mission. In her previous life, she did not develop her interests properly due to various reasons, but fortunately, thanks to the influence of her family, table tennis gradually became her interest. In her free time on weekends, she would practice the basic skills of table tennis accompanied by her family。Her family always stood behind her。She said that life can not be smooth sailing, everyone at each stage will always encounter from different degrees of pressure, to learn self-guidance, learn to communicate with family, colleagues in a timely manner and adjust, only their own heart strong, in order to withstand the pressure, but also to work seriously, happy life。

Because of love, so I am

"I have never thought of giving up this career because of my love。She planted the seeds of her teacher dream from her college years, which took root and sprouted in eleven years。

Zhang Tao deeply understands that a teacher's behavior has a subtle effect on a student, so she strictly demands herself and behaves in the world. At the same time, she believes that teachers and students should maintain the heart of "self-consciousness, self-reliance, introspection, self-examination" in order to achieve self-improvement。

Zhang Tao's students are English major students, perhaps because of her strong affinity, students always chat with her through QQ, wechat, learning and other software, to discuss study and life。She also takes the trouble to think from the perspective of students as a big sister, and chooses the most suitable way for students to help them solve their problems。

"We've known each other for three years, and she never gave us a lesson without a smile。"2019 English major Liu Yudao said。Now, Liu Yutao is working as an English teaching assistant in the School of Foreign Languages, in addition to being Zhang Tao's student, she is also her colleague。When encountering difficulties at work, Liu Yudao will also ask her for help, and Zhang Tao will carefully provide help until the problem is solved。  

Peng Xuemei, dean of the School of Foreign Languages, smiled when she recalled her first impression of Zhang Tao: "She is a teacher full of positive energy and meticulous staff。During the period of serving as the head of the supervision group of the School of Foreign Languages, Zhang Tao listened carefully, actively gave feedback, filled in the feedback form according to the requirements of the school, organized the examination papers and papers, and did things meticulously。During the teacher certification, Zhang Tao is responsible for teaching quality control。As the group leader, she actively took the lead, united and cooperated, in the process of collecting information, sorting out information and improving information, she did it herself and never complained。

Take life as the foundation and know by doing

Zhang Tao believes that the smell of the road has successively, the profession has specialized, the teacher is not a superior role, so she is more willing to be a big sister to get along with students and guide students to grow。Teachers, preach and teach to solve doubts。Zhang Tao explained that teaching is the responsibility of teachers, teachers in the process of self-improvement, to always have four good teachers as the code of conduct, always remember the ideal belief, moral sentiment, always accumulate teaching knowledge, improve teaching methods, always with a heart of love。

She will earnestly study her own courses, host provincial education reform work, attentively participate in training meetings, and actively reflect;Take advantage of the rest time to listen to video lessons and lectures from famous people;Participate in teaching competitions held by the school, etc。She continues to accumulate experience, summarize teaching methods, boldly try to innovate, and take the online teaching platform and teacher certification provided by the school as an opportunity to do a good job in curriculum construction and continuous improvement。

As a second foreign language Japanese teacher, she will combine the students' zero-foundation status and learning motivation to organize the teaching process。Before class, we will send the content to be learned for students to preview, and require students to collect Japanese culture that they are interested in, collect information from the perspective of Sino-Japanese comparison and ideological and political integration, and make PPT for presentation, so as to broaden students' vision and exercise various abilities。In addition, during the teaching process, she will give the class to the students, use the teaching AIDS such as Learning Pass, activate the curriculum atmosphere, mobilize the students' learning emotions and improve their learning concentration through random selection and topic discussion。

Fang Delu, an English major student in 2019, is a Japanese zero-basis student, but in the class of Zhang Tao teacher, she does not feel difficult at all, but is more relaxed and happy。Fang Delu said that Teacher Zhang Tao's class is lively and interesting. As a general education course, Teacher Zhang Tao pays more attention to the comparison of Chinese and Japanese cultures and the cultivation of cross-cultural awareness, rather than blindly inculcating knowledge into students' minds, which makes it easier for many students to understand and master in a relaxed environment。

In addition, in Zhang Tao's view, the process of guiding students to complete the project is also a way to improve his teaching method。In 2019, she directed the establishment of two university student scientific research projects, and in 2020, she directed the establishment of a provincial university student innovation and entrepreneurship project。Starting from the topic selection, she will guide students one by one, revise repeatedly, strive for excellence, and constantly encourage students to learn to think independently, raise questions and solve problems。

Education is one tree shaking another tree, one cloud pushing another cloud, one soul awakening another soul。Zhang Tao always adhere to the original heart, riding the sail of dreams, for the teacher industry to spend youth, spread excellent culture, devoted to teaching, caring for students。 Because of the dream, so more than 800 kilometers is not far, eleven years is not long。(Contribution/Edited and proofread by Intern Cao Bingbing/Reviewed by Wang Lianghao/Zhang Jin and Chen Ting)