True teaching and sincere education -- Yang Chengyue, an excellent teacher in Liupanshui City


"She once said a word, I remember very clearly, she said, I want to live up to the parents' expectations of their children, keep the students' eyes yearn for the light。From Yang Chengyue's colleague Luo Jie's account。Luo Jie often went to listen to Yang Chengyue's class, "Yang teacher's class is very charming, she prepared the lesson is very full, the language expression is very friendly, to guide the students.。She is particularly willing to help us young teachers from all aspects, selflessly sharing her various experiences in teaching, teaching and research, and leading and urging us to grow up with practical actions。"Luo Jie said。

Stay true to the faith

From Shanxi to Yunnan, and then to Liupanshui, Guizhou, in August 2015, Yang Chengyue came to Liupanshui Normal College one month after graduation。When talking about why he came to Liupanshui to work, Yang Chengyue said: "I have learned that Liupanshui is the cool capital of China and is undergoing transformation and development. As a student majoring in tourism, I very much hope to apply what I have learned to practice in the land of Liupanshui, and I am very willing to contribute a little to the development of Liupanshui's tourism industry.。She hopes to grow together with Liupanshui。

Yang Chengyue recalled that the first year when he came to the school, the conditions were not as good as now, when the school had only one teaching building, and the rest of the teaching buildings were still under construction。They live in a dormitory building not far from the office building, the Windows are covered with newspaper, there is only one bed in the room, and the office space is also all in the industry building, the office environment is small and crowded。Although the working environment at that time was far from what she imagined, and she had to overcome the differences in life from different regions, she still insisted on it。She said, "There's nothing you can't overcome with persistence.。Because of love, so persist, and eventually Yang Chengyue became the person he wanted to be。

Yang Chengyue had a part-time middle school teaching experience when she was a graduate student in Yunnan Province,Due to the lack of teaching management experience,She felt that she did not solve the students' confusion well,于是,After she became a college teacher,I often think about why students have such problems,And then think like a student,Finally, find a solution,Achieve student satisfaction。

"One of the things I often say to students is that I am the most stringent to you among all teachers, but the prerequisite for me to be strict to you is that I am stricter to myself, so that you can do things, I will do a hundred times.。"Teaching for eight years,Yang Chengyue always insists on entering the classroom ten to fifteen minutes early;Teaching for eight years,She always prepared for one class two or more days a week;Teaching for eight years,She is always improving herself,Better adapt to the development of The Times,She thinks that old knowledge means little to students,Only continuous learning,To teach students new things,Allow students to constantly explore new worlds。

For the title of "teacher's ethics pacesetter", she believes that teacher's ethics and teacher's style is a normal state, a threshold, and a due responsibility。Learning is a teacher, the body is a fan, whether it is moral cultivation, or etiquette posture, including the attitude of business, Yang Chengyue will take out 100% enthusiasm to infect students, with positive energy to encourage students。

"The teacher must have a good ideological character, so that the students can trust you and imitate you.。In her heart, there has always been a mission, a dedicated to teachers, a deep heart, fearless fluttering mission。

Be diligent in teaching and research

Entering the cause of education, Yang Chengyue strengthened her professional skills based on "learning";Take "diligent" as the path to improve the level of professional construction;Take "teaching" as the main business to improve the teaching level;On the basis of "research", do a good job in theory transformation。

As the director of the Department of Tourism Management, the biggest difficulty she encountered in the process of developing and revising the professional talent training program was the lack of standard guidance。Compared with teachers and engineering majors,The talent training guidance scheme of tourism management majors is too simple,Yang Chengyue had no choice but to learn from normal majors and engineering majors,Through continuous learning, exploration and improvement,Combined with national standard instructions,Little by little, balance the curriculum effort of teachers and the real-time needs of students,Thanks to the efforts of all the faculty in the department。Professional personnel training programs are gradually becoming mature。After several years of construction, the major of Tourism Management and Service education has become a first-class undergraduate major at the university level。

Teaching is actually a two-way communication, Yang Chengyue believes that teaching innovation is also one of the embodiment of teacher ethics。"Lecturing, I think first to impress themselves, in order to impress the students。The first priority of her teaching is to be student-centered, and innovation needs to understand the needs of students and follow up the thinking mode of students in order to better let students absorb nutrition。In the course of classroom teaching,She used a variety of techniques to assist teaching and arouse students' interest,For example, the classroom trumpet games, competition solitudes, field practice and other ways to mobilize students' thinking,Encourage students to think actively,Mutual supervision,"Teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish.",Is Yang Chengyue always uphold the concept of education。

Since entering the university, Yang Chengyue has been involved in many university-level, provincial and national scientific research projects and actively promoted teaching reform。She believes that the significance of scientific research is to feed teaching,In the process of doing research,She will follow up the latest developments and progress of experts and scholars on a certain field,Incorporate these new ideas and thinking into your teaching,In her opinion,Only in this way can students understand the new trend and new development of society in practice,Fully cultivate students' research thinking and scholars' thinking。"We train people not only to be able to do things, but also to know how to do things efficiently。Since joining the work, she has always insisted on promoting teaching by scientific research, driving scientific research by teaching, sowing the seeds of scientific research, taking root and sprouting in the land of teaching, and opening the shade of shade for students。

Enjoy growth

Yang Chengyue always pays attention to the all-round development of her students and is always pleased with their growth, which may be transformed into the strength to move forward。Whether she is a classroom professor or a project supervisor, she always tries her best and treats her students with the utmost patience and love。

"I don't need him to know I'm good for him, I need him to really improve and improve.。She will give the project to the students, let them boldly operate, have the courage to try, and patiently assist them from the side, carefully guide them, communicate with them wholeheartedly, correct them attentively, revise them round by round, and consider them word by word。Yang Chengyue's face is full of smile and pride as he recalls the naughty boy who once jumped and now plays a role in inheriting national culture。The growth of students is undoubtedly the greatest affirmation of the teacher's teaching results, she said, I help him at the same time, he also helps me。

Since becoming a teacher, she says the biggest reward has been self-growth。She grew both out of love and out of love。After becoming the head of the department, she found that neither the need for professional development nor the need for personal business improvement allowed her to lie down peacefully.。On the one hand, she actively participates in all kinds of learning in the school; on the other hand, she takes the initiative to participate in various teaching skills competitions and concentrates on various teaching and research, polishing herself, exercising herself and improving herself in each competition and research。Eight years of teaching,Yang Chengyue presides over a number of teaching and research projects of various types, such as provincial first-class courses, provincial teaching content and curriculum system reform projects, school-level first-class courses, school-level excellent courses, school-level teaching content and curriculum system reform projects, and curriculum ideological and political demonstration teams,At the same time, it also won the second prize of the provincial college teachers' teaching Innovation Competition and the excellence award of the provincial Young teachers' teaching skills Competition。

Shang Hongxiao, a 21-grade tourism management and service education major, said when talking about Yang Chengyue teacher, she always smiled, full of passion and enthusiasm, "Yang teacher is a sincere person, and she gets along more often with friends.。In her view, Yang Chengyue teacher's class mode is to explore, inspire and encourage。Usually get along with Yang Chengyue teacher, often think she is a very lovely person。

In September 2023, Yang Chengyue was named "Liupanshui Excellent Teacher", this honor is not only an affirmation of her teaching work, but also an incentive, but also a driving force to encourage her to continue to cultivate the teaching field and continue to forge ahead。

Teaching with true feelings, she never feared hardship, nor chose to escape, but opened brilliant flowers in the land of education;Educating people with sincerity, she takes care of every flower, irrigates every seedling, and watches the students sailing away in this blooming sea of flowers。Her love will eventually turn into an educational breeze blowing under the three-foot podium。(Contribution/Edited and proofread by Intern Zhang Ying and Lisa Luo/Reviewed by Wang Lianghao/Zhang Jin and Chen Ting)

Yang Chengyue