Lei Yizhu, dean of the School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, was selected into the list of "Liangdu role models · Good people around" in the second quarter of 2023 in Liupanshui City


Recently, Liupanshui City in the city widely carried out I recommend, I comment on the good people around the activities, at all levels of units and all sectors of society actively participate in the recommendation, emerged a group of helpful, brave, honest and trustworthy, dedicated dedication, filial piety and love of the good people around。After the organization of expert review, solicit opinions, media publicity and other procedures, Ji Hongxian and other 55 comrades were selected in the second quarter of 2023 Liangdu model and good people around the list。Among them, Lei Yizhu, president of our hospital, was selected into the list of "Liangdu Model · Good Man around" dedication category in the second quarter of 2023 in Liupanshui City。

Lei Yizhu carefully taught and educated people, devoted himself to scientific research, devoted himself to teaching and scientific research management, and made positive contributions to the discipline and professional construction of the college and the development of education, and interpreted the responsibility and responsibility of a people's teacher with practical actions。(Contributed/Edited by Wen Yuanbo/Reviewed by Geng Zhongwu/Chen Dingmei and Wang Yihong)

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