Guangming Daily | Liupanshui Normal University: Integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching


It is a key measure to deepen quality education to build an education system of "five education simultaneously"。Among them, aesthetic education is not only aesthetic education, but also ideological education. While improving students' aesthetic quality, it can also strengthen students' ideals and beliefs and temper students' spiritual character。Integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching is the clear direction of aesthetic education in colleges and universities in the new era。

Liupanshui Normal College is a full-time general undergraduate college "jointly built by provinces and cities and based on the city"。The school upholds "thick virtue and erudite,The school motto of "seeking truth" advocates "unity and hard work.,Innovation beyond "school spirit," diligent study,Moral tree people "teaching wind," diligent learning good thinking.,Healthy and strong "style of study,Scientifically explore a new way to integrate ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching,Improve the quality of teaching and educating people with the five education simultaneously,Cultivate professionals with firm faith and noble ideals for the society。

Consolidate the ideological foundation of integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching

Schools correctly understand the important role of ideological and political education in aesthetic education teaching,Strive to consolidate the ideological foundation of integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching,Two provincial humanities and social science demonstration bases and "Minghu Academy" as the platform,The lecture "Confidence and Inheritance - Classic Lecture 100 Lessons" is an important starting point,The "Liupanshui City National Academy" as the quality education base,Cooperate with the school's "six bright lakes" (wisdom bright Lake, health bright lake, science and technology bright lake, ecological bright lake, book bright lake, culture bright lake),"Three two" (art and sports two hobbies, reading and thinking two habits, writing and communication two skills) construction goals,Give full play to the advantages of the school,Solid implementation of aesthetic principles course ideological and political construction,Lay a solid ideological foundation for cultivating outstanding talents with both virtue and ability。Hold symposiums for fine arts and other professional teachers, focus on the implementation of education reform projects based on market demand, combine the characteristics of professional development, scientifically revise the talent training plan and teaching syllabus, improve the curriculum system, integrate aesthetic education into the professional teaching system, and realize the implementation of ideological and political thinking in aesthetic education courses。To guide and encourage teachers to actively participate in the research of educational scientific research topics, so as to innovate education, innovative ideas and innovative knowledge through scientific research。Topics such as "Ideological and political Construction of Aesthetic Principles Curriculum under the background of" Three full Education "were approved as fund projects。Hold "Classic lecture" theme lectures on different themes such as "Appreciation of modern and contemporary Chinese oil paintings",Emphasizing literature and art is the clarion call for the advance of The Times,Is a representative of the style of The Times,Can lead the ethos of an era,Teachers and students are required to reflect the aspirations of the people in the creation of literature and art,We must continue to serve the people and socialism。

Innovation of ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching methods and measures

Aesthetic education teaching is an important starting point and key carrier of ideological and political education, with aesthetic enlightenment, value guidance and other educational functions。The school changes the teaching concept of aesthetic education in time, innovates the methods and measures of integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching, and builds a scientific and systematic system of aesthetic education。

The school constantly sums up experience, gives full play to the demonstration, leading and driving role of teachers' quality lessons and students' basic skills demonstration activities, and takes multiple measures to improve the quality of education and teaching。Educate people with beauty,Make use of the characteristics of sculpture and literature,The writing class is taught on site around the relief cultural wall of the school,Guide students to understand the vivid stories of historical and cultural celebrities and the background of The Times,The characters are analyzed with creative imagination,It not only enriches the students' knowledge quality,And let the students accept the profound cultural baptism and ideological and political education。Promote learning through competition,Hold student art report exhibition,Lead students to find the combination of professional theoretical knowledge and practical operation,Improve students' professional skills and appreciation,While deepening students' understanding of professional knowledge,Further promote the development of humanities and arts in the school,It shows the professional characteristics that practice drives the development of theory。Promote learning by acting,The teachers and students jointly composed and arranged the stage play "Wumeng Tage",It is based on Miao and Yi's history, culture, customs, intangible cultural heritage and folk art,Poverty alleviation as the main line,Vivid display of Liupanshui Miao, Yi colorful ethnic culture,And a vivid picture of all nationalities working together to create a better life,Benefit the teachers and students who watch the performance。The school undertook large-scale cultural and sports performances for the opening ceremony of the 11th Sports Meeting in Guizhou Province,With a unique, magnificent, colorful visual feast to show the youth of young students and the style of The Times,It demonstrates the outstanding results of the school's "great moral education, great ideology and politics" and "three full education" work,The school's social influence and reputation have been further improved。

To construct a cultural system of integrating ideological and political education into aesthetic education teaching

Education carrier and environment position are the basis for the effective integration of ideological and political education and aesthetic education teaching, and also an important means to enhance the effectiveness of aesthetic education。The school strives to build a campus cultural system in which ideological and political education is integrated into aesthetic education teaching, create a good environment for aesthetic education, and improve the comprehensive quality of students in a subtle way。

The school has held five consecutive sessions of the campus culture and art festival with different themes of "The Sound of Spring in the Bright Lake of Culture" to enrich and prosper the campus art and cultural life and improve the quality and artistic accomplishment of students。The students who participated in the Top Ten singers competition on campus sang a new journey with loud songs,Show your talent on stage,Fully embody the spirit of loving the Party and patriotism;Students participating in the textbook play competition are based on primary and secondary school textbooks,Review classic texts in a new way,Bold innovation with outstanding acting skills,Fully stimulate the students' interest in learning and reading,Broaden students' horizons of learning。The school has held four consecutive "Instant Beauty, Feel the campus" photo contest, encouraging students to tell the story of the campus with photos, capture wonderful moments with the lens, enrich students' campus cultural life, and stimulate students' interest in exploring and discovering the beauty of the campus。The school vigorously strengthens the construction of campus culture, and builds "Qin" character step ladder, all kinds of landscape stones, "Chinese soul", "Road of science and technology" cultural relief wall, "Long March · Seven Rules" cultural relief wall, seal Garden, Confucius statue, Wang Yangming statue, Party history education base and other batches of aesthetic education and cultural carrier。Held "Ming Lake Four seasons · Spring" clean culture painting and calligraphy photography exhibition,Let teachers and students experience the "experience of the country and family of former sages" in the antique ink and vivid red Qing.,Understand the truth of "becoming by diligence and frugality and breaking by extravagance",With "clean air with your sleeves up,Do not take Jiangnan an inch of cotton "ethics,Grow into a "out of the mud and not dyed.,A righteous man who is clean and not evil,Keep spreading honesty and integrity,Let the breeze in painting and photography infiltrate the soul。

(Source: Guangming Daily)