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    The school emblem is a circular structure, the upper part of the red school name, the lower part of the blue English name, the middle part of the blue circle pattern, in the shape of mountains and rivers to hold the wings of the flying dove。In the mountains and rivers, the red number "1978" marks the founding time of the college。
    The school emblem uses the initial letter "LPS" of Liupanshui Chinese Pinyin as the main design body, which is combined into the image of a flying dove, showing the connotation of auspice, purity, affinity, inclusiveness and upward。The circular end of the feather means a gear,展现六盘水以煤钢电材为主导产业的工业城市的特色;也展示了学院立足地方事业、融入地方发展、服务地方经济、培养应用型人才为目标的办学宗旨; “S”形状如倾泻而下的流水,It indicates the spirit of "three-line construction" in Liupanshui,There is also the meaning of "to have a source of living water" and "above good water.。
    The bottom of the school emblem is composed of three blue and four white lines alternating curves, the shape of which is both "mountain" and "water", indicating that the college is located between the mountains and rivers of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and symbolizing that the Liupanshui was established during the "three-line construction" and is composed of four counties and districts。
    The school emblem is mainly in red, white and blue color, highlighting enthusiasm, bright, open and inclusive, interpreting the school's educational process and philosophy, reflecting the school's pursuit of higher goals, excellent quality and rigorous academic attitude。Blue and white is also the natural color of water, highlighting the beautiful environment of the college located in Liupanshui Minghu Wetland Park, green mountains and green water, birds and flowers, reflecting the humanistic concept of "living in a good place, good heart, good benevolence, good governance, good ability, and good time", and also doves in flight。


Motto logo

    School motto is an important part of campus culture and education environment。With a concise and philosophical language, it promotes the profound cultural heritage and school-running tradition of the school, and reflects the overall personality and pursuit direction of the school。School motto, as an invisible force, plays an immeasurable role in cultivating and cultivating scholars。
    Through the recruitment of teachers and students in the whole school, the opinions of cadres at or above the deputy section level and teachers with titles of associate professor and above were widely solicited, and the 36 works were selected from the collection, and repeatedly incubated and considered。On September 10, 2003, the Party Committee of the school decided to take "thick virtue and erudite, good practice and truth-seeking" as our school motto。
    Houde: that is, pay attention to moral cultivation。Language out of the "Zhouyi" "heaven is healthy, the gentleman to self-improvement;Terrain kun, a gentleman with moral。Advocating personal cultivation and focusing on moral integrity is the fine tradition of the Chinese nation。"A gentleman does not suffer from a lack of dignity, but from a lack of respect for virtue.。People should continue to cultivate morality throughout their lives。According to a study of successful people by a world authority, 70% of a person's success depends on emotional intelligence, and only 30% depends on IQ。Emotional intelligence includes strong perseverance, hard work, hard-working spirit, solidarity and cooperation and other moral factors。The success of all lies first in the success of man。The school motto puts "thick virtue" in the first place, in line with the party's educational policy of "moral education" first goal。As an institution of higher learning that promotes advanced culture in the west of Guizhou, our university should inherit and promote the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, so that the teachers and students can cultivate the excellent virtues of self-cultivation, careful behavior, encouragement and dedication。
    Erudite: that is, widely read, widely learn a variety of knowledge。In the Book of Rites: "Learned, interrogated, deliberated, and practiced.。"The Analects" "learned and sincere, cut questions and close thinking.。Only erudite can make people knowledgeable, scientific and rigorous, work according to the rules in practice, and have a stronger ability to innovate;Only by learning can we adapt to the complicated and ever-changing modern society;Only by learning can we become the promoter and builder of a harmonious society。
    Fan Xing: is down to earth, code of conduct, as a model。In practice, words and deeds are consistent and consistent to achieve the ideals and aspirations pursued。Behavior, its inherent essence is the practice, the performance is both right and right people, the emphasis is the line。That is to advocate the combination of theory and practice, the unity of knowledge and action, in practice to constantly acquire knowledge, use knowledge, enrich knowledge, develop knowledge, practice as the test standard, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality。
    Truth-seeking: that is, truth-seeking, seeking truth, and keeping pace with The Times。Language out of Mr. Tao Xingzhi "thousands of teaching teaching people to seek truth, thousands of learning to learn to do real people。Emphasize integrity, do a person in advance, seek truth from facts, respect objective reality, and constantly explore the inherent regularity of things, the pursuit of truth and truth。Truth is the realm of virtue, the pursuit of learning, the goal of action, is the continuous improvement and sublimation of teachers and students personality, reflects the charm of teachers and students and staff, and enhances the cultural connotation of the school motto。
    The content of the eight-character school motto is positive and healthy, targeted and general, the language is refined and neat, symmetrical and harmonious, with unique personality, easy to understand, smooth and easy to remember。It reflects the school's course of running a school, shows the school's school philosophy, pursuit of goals, spiritual style and academic attitude, which is conducive to improving the school's taste, shaping the school image, and carrying forward the school's unique campus culture and campus spirit。




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Flagpole school flag
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Active school flag

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Flagpole freedom flag


School flag interpretation


    First, red flag: activity flag。It is a symbol of warm, impulsive and powerful spiritual force, which gives a strong impetus to accelerate the transformation and leapfrog development of the college, conveys the meaning of vitality, positive, enthusiasm, warmth and progress, and symbolizes the school-running spirit of hard work and self-improvement。
   Second, blue flag: flagpole school flag。It is a symbol of broad, eternal, vast and blue like the sky and sea, giving the meaning of "thick virtue and erudite, and seeking truth", showing a beautiful,The image of reason, peace and purity and giving wisdom

   Yellow flag: Flag pole freedom flag, a symbol of brilliant, brilliant, with the sun like brilliance, illuminate the dark light of wisdom。It gives the college the golden light, is the power of intellectual wealth and the right of academic freedom, is the pride of students。




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